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The Maxstor perforated tool panel system make easy to positioned visibly and accessibly of tools right above the worktop, next to machine and to hang on wall. The perfo tool board are perforated on a 32 mm pitch, 15 mm, completely edged and reinforced with stiffeners for rigidity.

This tool holder panels are real space saver for storing tools and saving storage space.

This perforation tool panels can be move easily as well as hang on wall.

Perfo tool panel are multi-functional panel system that helps to organize a multiple of items, different in shape, size and weight on a single surface with a particular place for each while ensuring visual identification. There are wide range of hooks for placing tools like spanner, scpaer, files, drivers, cutter, Allen keys, power tools and wrenches etc.

Multi-functional panel system are known with different name but has same application such as Perfo tool board, Perforation tool Panel, Perfo tool Panel, Tool Holder Panel, Pegboard, Tool Hanging Panel and Display tool panel.

Maxstor Perforation Tool Panel features:

  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Perforated panels allow easy overview and access of stored tools.
  • The hooks and holders are inserted into the desired slot and no need of screw to fix it.
  • It can be mounted on wall.


Maxstor Perfo Tool Board are designed to serve a unique and versatile mounting surface industrial tools. Once Tool Mounting System are installed, you can mount hook on this pegboard for placing tools and can be relocated and reoriented very easily. Perforated Tool Panelsections can be assembled together to have custom tool board panels in equipment compartments Tool Mounting Panel can be combined in different combinations to accommodate the exact mounting space available. Tool board and Tool Mounting Board construction with mounting hardware is available for different size and design which can satisfy placement of various tools. Maxstor is renowned worldwide name as Perforated Tool Panel Manufacturer and serves to more than 65 countries.

Tool Hanging Panel and Perforated Panels are fully flanged to strengthen base and are used as base for fixing to wall. Tool Hanging Board and perforated panel is powder coated and is intended for the insertion of the tool holder and the placement of tools.

Maxstor offers Tool Mounting Rack as mobile panels in the series in open design or with doors for greater security of the tools,stationary stored for wall mounting.

Wall Mounted Tool Organizer and perforated panel products put purpose into working which are efficient dividers of space,practical storage arrangement for tools and equipment, andpart of a well-organized work space.

Wall Mounted Tool Rack with Perforated panel products are available for attachment to the wall or upright profiles or tubes. Wall Tool Organizer can be used as sound-insulating space dividers by equipping them with Tool Storage Rack with perforated back panel elements. Tool Storage Wall Board with perforated panel products and hooks, workbench, tools and all work towards easy and streamlined working processes. Tool Shadow Board keeps large number of tools in order Tool Peg Board enables quick access by a clear storage Pegboard for Tools missing parts are easily noticeable Perfo Panel, Hook & Holder is efficient use of the limited space with a unique elegance Perfo & Louver Panel Storage Systems  can be attached to the wall or installed as a free standing unit Pegboard Manufacturers have products where numbers of tools are kept only with a few holders.

Bin mounting panel and Louvered Panels are efficient in use for storage of plastic bins and are also known as Louver Panel Storage Cabinet. Louver Panel Trolley is made from Hooks & Perfo as well as Louvers Panel Board to hang tools and place at right place for display. Maxstorproduct name Perfo tool board is known as also Perforated tool Panel, perfo tool panels, perfotool board, perfo tool hooks, perfo tool storage, perfo tool storage board, perfo tool hanging panel, perfo tool hanging board, perfo tool hanging system, Perfo wall panel and Perfo wall system.

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tool mounting board are similar to tool mounting panel  and has dynamic tool mounting system which are named as tool hanging board, tool hanging panel and tool mounting system. Wall mounting tool board can easily installed and same wall fitting tool board can be done.Maxstordelivers Hooks & Perfo and Louver Panel Board in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi.

Maxstor Perfo Panel, Hook & Holder in Pune has great market compare to other suppliers. Tool board systems was introduced by our company long back when it address as wall tool storage system or wall mounted tool organizer. Wall tool organizer and wall mounted tool rack is a general name used by everyone around the world. Buying wall mounted tool storage with wall mounted tool board is easy by just giving call or dropping an email. When ordering wall mounted tool panel please specify the exact application of wall mounted tool storage.Tool peg board use and application is very much similar to pegboard for tools.